How to digitise the operational and user experience on a unified platform?

With one platform strategy for combined functions and unified visualization is possible to connect people, information, and operations effectively.

In our next webinar about digitising operational and user experience, we will show in practice how technical data combined with a state-of-the-art SCADA solution enables people to make quick and accurate decisions.

When teams understand the possibilities, they feel empowered to make decisions, stay agile, and analyse circumstances quickly and take conscious action.

In the webinar, we will explain:
• How to build a single access point to the critical information combining multiple sources, including also engineering data, to have a holistic view of the Operations and Performance.
• Functional groups with a better understanding of the operations feel empowered to make decisions, stay agile and quickly analyses conditions and take informed actions.

Janne Rikassaari, Business Unit Manager of AVEVA solutions, Klinkmann Oy
Petri Eerola, Account Manager, Aveva


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