PERUZA Packing Lines - fully automated solutions for global food and beverage industries

PERUZA, a leading engineering and equipment construction company in the Baltics for food industries. In 2019, PERUZA developed a new production line solution for palletizing PET bottles.

PET bottle palletizing solution is created for international markets and is designed to meet the requirements of the global food and beverage industries.

The first newly designed PET handling and packing line, with Rockwell Automation controls, was supplied to the leading consumer brand manufacturer in the Nordic and Baltic region. The customer saw the need for increased internal efficiency with demand for production flexibility in the future, so the choice was to search for a solution that took up little space and was able to serve a wide range of products. Low footprint and flexibility were achieved by the specifically designed gripper and multiple recipes for pallet layout. The specially designed gripper can pick up a whole row of bottles as well as present separating cardboard.

Automatic Water Bottle Packing Machine – Palletizer can place up to 1080 PET bottle units on a standard EUR pallet in just 3.5 minutes. The task of the palletization line is to fully automate the PET bottle packaging process, the placement of separating cardboard liners between the bottle packaging layers, and the delivery of the packaged product to the pallet wrapping station.

Fully automated packaging process for various product types with easy-to-use actuator control infrastructure. The employees previously involved with the packing process, were redirected to other more responsible responsibilities.

Why was there a need to implement a new system?

Manual work on palletization of parcels is difficult to manage and to provide and with the long-term health risks (back pain, strains) of the workers. Lack of availability of employees drives companies to more automatic solutions.

Thanks to the implemented automation solution, it is now possible to significantly speed up packaging processes in production and run the line with needed flexibility to adjust the line with the fast-changing demands. The new Rockwell Automation based line increases efficiency, frees human resources and improves work safety. When needed, the solution allows no interruption of the packing process with 24/7 production.

What were the benefits of using [Rockwell Automation]

The Rockwell Automation Logix Designer Studio 5000 software input platform, with its functionality, allowed for fast and efficient steps to create the packaging line solution. Klinkmann LAT mechanical engineer’s rapid response and on-site assistance supported to configure control unit in just 3 days. Rockwell Automation equipment is capable of providing specialized motor control, robot communication and displaying the parameters of technological manufacturing processes on the operator panel (HMI).

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