Reliable surge protection for building IT and data network and electrical network equipment

Data and information technology systems are used in many different applications. Almost every electronic system used to process information is considered extremely important. Ever increasing volumes of data are being stored and must be always accessible at very short notice.

It has become even more important to protect these systems too against dangerous surges. In order to prevent failure or even destruction of these systems, they must be integrated into the lightning and surge protection concept.

By attending the webinar, you will learn how to reliably implement surge protection for heating systems, telecommunication networks, ventilation, fire and air conditioning systems, elevators, production and control systems.

We recommend webinar for an electrical and telecommunication network designers and contractors, panel builders and control system designers. The webinar is technical and is held in English. The speakers will be Dehn’s experts from Germany.

In this webinar we are introducing the yellow and red line series in general from Dehn, the working and protection principles, the various types, mounting methods and applications fields.

The webinar introduces Dehn’s yellow and red line, work and protection principles, different product types, mounting methods and applications. The webinar presents the concept of overvoltage protection of technical buildings, including buildings with technical equipment: HVAC, control systems, access systems, heating systems, security systems and fire extinguishing systems.


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