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Couse language: English
Course price: 275€ (VAT 0%)

Introduction to Studio 5000 Logix Designer

Training time: 9.2.2021 9:00–12:00
This course will introduce you to basic features of Studio 5000 Logix Designer programming environment. You will learn how to create Logix project from nothing, and how to use most common Logix Designer features. This course is recommended for all who are starting to use Studio 5000 Logix Designer program.

FactoryTalk Security in a Distributed Control System

Training time: 23.3.2021 9:00–12:00
Learn how to protect your ControlLogix programmable automation controller against emerging security threats utilizing FactoryTalk Security technology.
This course will walk you through practical ways to protect the intellectual property contained in your ControlLogix controller, manage access to your control system hardware and software, and improve tamper resistance.

Micro800 Programming Basics

Training time:
This course will introduce you to Connected Components Workbench programming tool which you can use to program Rockwell Automation Micro800 controllers. You will learn how to create Connected Components Workbench from nothing, and how to use most common Connected Components Workbench features. This course is recommended for all who are starting to use Connected Components Workbench software and Micro800 controllers.

PlantPAx Process Developement Basics

Training time: 18.5.2021 9:00–12:00
This course will introduce you you with the steps necessary to start development of a PlantPAx Distributed Control System project using the Rockwell Automation Library of Process Objects. You will also get familiar with the library faceplates and how to operate several simulated PlantPAx process applications.

FactoryTalk View ME Programming Basics

Training time: 16.2.2021 9:00–12:00
This course teaches new or inexperienced users basic FactoryTalk View Studio skills needed to modify FactoryTalk View Machine Edition applications. You will learn how to modify existing project and show you how to re-use content from another application, modify basic application settings and configure communications to create a working system that can both read and write information from a Logix controller.

Studio 5000 Application Code Manager Basics

Training time: 25.3.2021 9:00–12:00
In this course you will learn how to use Application Code Manager to create Logix Designer Projects and how to manage ACM code libraries. The topics of this course includes Introduction to ACM using an existing project, creating a new library object, creating a new ACM project from scratch, exploring product features sections and an advanced topic section to cover features such adding FTViewSE visualization objects to a library object and more.

Hardware requirements for participants

Virtual training participant needs a computer or laptop, fast enough internet connection and internet browser with HTML5-support.
It’s recommended to have second screen for your computer or laptop and headset with microphone.

Klinkmann Trainings Cancellation Policy

Notice of an intent to cancel a registration must be made in writing to Klinkmann. Training candidates whose cancellation request is received within 7 calendar days prior to the training date will incur a fee equal to 50% of the obligated fee. If a registrant does not participate in the training and no written cancellation is received prior, the full fee will be charged.

A request for a substitution of a participant must be notified in writing before the training date.

Klinkmann reserves the right to cancel and change any trainings and events. In case a course must be cancelled registrants will be informed prior to the start of the training.

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